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Princess of Ukok
Photoshop CS5

The Siberian Ice Maiden--also known as the Princess of Ukok--was a 5th century B.C. woman from the Eurasian Steppes whose mummy was discovered in a Pazyryk kurgan (burial mound) in the Republic of Altai, Russia in 1993. Known for her remarkable display of Scytho-Siberian tattoos depicting mythical creatures, her afterlife escort included two heavily tattooed warriors and six horses prepared for battle. The nomadic Pazyryk tribe held the deep-seated belief that tattoos helped people find one another in heaven. This dramatic, fantasy-inspired reimagining of her draws attention to the recreational and medicinal uses of cannabis and opium in Scythian culture. The princess drinks an opium elixir from an intricately carved vessel discovered by archaeologists as bearing traces of opium. As a talisman she adorns her neck in a wreath of hemp. Researchers suggest that the princess was a victim of breast cancer. This preferred cocktail would have easily dulled her pain. Print available in my Etsy shop:…
Destruction of Metsamor
Photoshop CS5

Crop of an illustration reimagining the lives of two Armenian women whose 2800-year-old remains were discovered in 2013 by Polish archaeologists from the University of Warsaw unearthing evidence of the destruction and capture of the metallurgy-famous ancient city of Metsamor by Argishti I (reigned 786-764 B.C.). He was the sixth known king of Urartu and the Biblical Kingdom of Ararat in the Armenian Highlands. During his reign, the boundaries of the state expanded to the Caucasus, the area of the modern Armenian capital, Yerevan. Many of his Urartu monuments stand today. The high-tension, Caravaggio-inspired tableau in this painting shows the women reacting to the bright opening of a door and presence of a potential threat offscreen. Holy Mount Ararat stands magnificently in the background. The lower town district, where the women were later found, burns as they attempt to keep calm. With this narrative series focused on recreating and restoring the memory of human remains found on excavation, I hope to do good by them and relate their experiences to those in the present. For more information on the wartime violence uncovered at Armenia's Metsamor:


The Children of Llullaillaco
Photoshop CS5.5

An illustration reimagining three 500-year-old remarkably preserved mummies discovered at Mount Llullaillaco on the border of Chile and Argentina in 1999. They are famously referred to as La Doncella ('The Maiden'), La Niña Del Rayo ('Lightning Girl') and El Niño ('Little Boy').
Selected to participate in an Incan ritual rite known as capacocha, they would have been treated like deities before dying
in their sleep from a mixture of intoxication and the frigid altitude of the volcano. In this painting I have chosen to depict
the children dancing and revelling in the traditional music of the Peruvian pan flute--enjoying their youth in all its bittersweet fullness.

For further reading and watching:……

'Virgins of the Sun and Incan Human Sacrifice' Smithsonian YouTube featurette:…


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Danielle Storey
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Current Residence: In Hobbiton, brewing tea over my grand fireplace; The cloister of a medieval monastery in France
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Ambient, Progressive
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: Renaissance, Baroque, Pre-Raphaelite, Austrian Expressionism
Operating System: PC
Shell of choice: Pink/Pearly White and Coiled?
Wallpaper of choice: A Lord of the Rings mural
Skin of choice: Pale and radiant!
Hello everyone!

Owing to the demands of my first semester in fourth year Illustration, many of you have surely taken notice of my online disappearance and deficiency of creative output...But, I have triumphantly returned to acquaint your eyes with the fruit of my toil :)

As part of my fourth year thesis proposal, I plan to create a Japanese fold accordion book that will feature at least 8-10 illustrations of sleeping warriors, complete with full-page descriptions of each character and their respected nations. The prominent King in the Mountain, King Under Mountain or Sleeping Hero motif is one of many in folklore and mythology which gives hope to the resurrection of beloved historical figures, usually of some military consequence, who will transcend time and space to secure their loyalties and act as guardian to the future nation. These legendary undead heros, often accompanied by armied retainers/legions, sleep in remote and covert dwellings which include caves, mountaintops, islands or mystical worlds. It is foretold that they will waken at the hour of their country's greatest need. Britain's King Arthur and Denmark's Holger Danske are among the more commonly known of these sleeping beauties.

I have compiled a list of potential candidates from various countries whose folklore tells of a sleeping hero. All details can be found on my blogspot. Feel free to comment on my progress with your suggestions! :D :D


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Hey there :) Thank you for the sweet compliment. I am working toward building an online shop for my artwork. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact me by email ( about a piece that catches your interest and I can discuss print size and rate with you.
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